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"...I slipped 'Under the Sun' into the disc player and I was captured under a say this man can play those white and black keys is an understatement...his melodic voice combined with the backup artists he brought on board bring richness to this project. I am fascinated by these guest artists...with Roddy at the helm, this group would have been capable of appearing at venues such as the Copa Cabana and the Apollo."

-Miss Ella Shafer-Sister to the Blues , Blue Monday Monthly, July 3, 2017

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"Opening with the witty, upbeat 'Enough Stuff' is immediately clear that the focus of the album ('ODD') is on the songs themselves...the result is a great success--a delightful collection of well-constructed songs, all played with an engaging verve."

-Rhys Williams, Blues Blast Magazine, May 7, 2017

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"Roddy performs every song as though it is his very last performance. He lays his soul bare...with his writing, his playing, his singing. Such honesty is rare-in music and in life."

-Gaye Adegbalola

"He's like the Bruce Springsteen of boogie woogie...He's a man in the grips of a sensual hankering that hardly allows him a breath between the long, languid lines of his blues...He keeps stirring up desire until it builds to the emergency conditions of "Call 911", as deadly humorous a boogie as any Long-Tall You-Know-Who ever put down."

-J.D.Buhl, The New Times, Kansas City, MO

"Barnes demonstrates that he is a multi-layered talent indeed, someone from whom one desires to hear more: an able songwriter whose songs are often laced with ironic wit; an expressive vocalist with a strong, clear tenor; and a masterful piano player who can romp with the boogie and play the blues."  

-George Fish, Blues Blast Magazine


"With his album 'ODD', again Roddy Barnes has succeeded in bringing out something special, exceptional and especially....odd!"

-Freddy Celis, Rootsville, Belgiuim


"Roddy Barnes is an excellent songwriter and singer but his piano playing truly stands out.  He plays with an exquisite combination of wit and passion which really brings life to his music." 

-Ann Rabeson, Recording Artist for Alligator Records


"There's no telling where soul is going to turn up.  It knows no race or gender and follows no regional lines.  Anybody can have it-though not many do.  Roddy Barnes is one young, small-town, white boy who has it and has it bad.  And that's a very good thing." 

-T. Foltz  St. Joseph News-Press


"He's great . . . innovative . . . one of the best additions to the Austin music scene.  Roddy Barnes is guaranteed entertainment." 

-John Aielli, KUT Radio, Austin TX


From the "20 Questions" segment of online newspaper: The question was "Who is your all-time favorite musician?" Answer: "Nina Simone and Roddy Barnes, who is a local musician. He is amazing." 

-Shanea Taylor, Film Director and Actress


"On this outing (Neo-Classic Blues) Roddy Barnes provides prodigious piano counterpoint to Ms. Adegbalola's powerful vocal stylings.  His training at Berklee, studying under such notables as Rita Solan-Gottlieb and Francois Rene Duchable, as well as time spent playing in New Orleans, has polished his considerable technique and arranging skill.  Barnes has had a number or his original compositions covered by Saffire." 

-Beardo, BluesWax


"Memphis Minnie's "Nothing in Rambling" finds Adegbalola rocking out with animated vocals riding Barnes' rumbling piano: whilst "Sloppy Drunk" is a master-class in gin-house piano and vocals. You have a set that belongs in every serious blues collector's collection. 

-Mick Rainsford,  Blues In Britain Magazine


"Also featured here (Neo-Classic Blues) is Gaye A.'s excellent partner in crime.  He is the ultimate barrelhouse sideman for Gaye." 

-George Seedorff, Big City Rhythm and Blues Magazine


"The duet performances celebrate the seminal role women played in making the music popular, enduring and, in some cases, indelible. Wisely, Adegbalola and Barnes keep things simple. She refrains from vocal mimicry while he favors a thoroughly evocative but economical touch," 

-Mike Joyce,  The Washington Post


"From the opening moments of "Ma Raineys Black Bottom" the the last notes of Roddy Barnes' "Summer Sky", they treat us to some exquisite performances." 

-Ron Weinstock,  DC Blues Society Newsletter


"An incredibly talented and engaging singer, pianist and songwriter." 

-Lifestyle Aficionado,  Austin Texas


"His voice...smooth, bur with a rough edge that resonates with experience..touching lyrics...quite funny at times and, at others, achingly sad." 

-R. McCulley,  Impact Magazine  New Orleans


"Roddy has conquered, by his talent, all the music lovers of the city of the Ducs." 

-Le Dauphine, Chambery France

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